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Herbalife Scam 2

Is Herbalife an Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Yes. And It's Ready to Collapse Under Investors.

Is Herbalife a scam? Yes. Herbalife is an illegal pyramid scheme that feeds distributors cookie-cutter scripts to jam up Google results with pro-Herbalife scam misinformation videos via YouTube, as evidenced to the left. The universal indicator of such scam SEO is the presence of 1. the statement that an MLM pyramid is not a scam along with 2. links that lead users to enter their name and email address. Google has not yet learned to detect and de-index misinformation like this, however the public confusion required for the Herbalife scam to continue operating, is waning. Why has FTC not acted? The answer is simpler than you think. The Direct Sellers Association or DSA takes the money its members defraud poor people of and gives some of those stolen dollars to the Congressional Oversight Committee for the Federal Trade Commission. DSA members also pay in contributions to their home-state Attorneys General.

False Profits

Herbalife Resembles Other Cults

Participants in the Herbalife scam are duped out of their hard-earned income with high-end promotional videos that set the stage for normal cult-indoctrination and mind control including the silent victim exit strategy, achieved by telling people that 1. Most people fail, 2. If you fail it’s your fault and 3. people who say Herbalife is a pyramid scam are just failures lashing out. MLM cult expert, Steven Hassan has described the process in detail.

Herbalife Hoax

The Nature of Authority

And The Lack Thereof

It is self-evident that to accept money from the DSA removes an entity’s authority to protect against it. Since the Amway ruling in 1979, this relationship between the DSA, FTC and State Attorneys General, has resulted in the wolves watching over the sheep: Do US regulators have the authority to protect consumers from fraudulent and deceptive business practices?


FTC Protecting Us

Will FTC Come Around?

Or Will Herbalife Crash on Its Own

That remains anyone’s guess. The public goal should be to cutoff DSA dollars from federal and state regulators. Click here to read new Victims’ Testimony

FTC Wolf Watching Over The Flock


Years Without FTC Protection from MLM
  • Percentage of Participants Who Lose Money to Herbalife = 99.4%